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How to perform a home security assessment in The Woodlands

July 01, 2024
Woman opening locked back door of home in The Woodlands

When did you last evaluate your home’s security? Has it been several years? You don’t want to take your security for granted and put your family members and prized possessions at risk. Alternatively, perform a simple home security assessment in The Woodlands and see how things stand. Abide by our suggestions and learn how a modern smart home will elevate your defense.

Get started on the exterior of your The Woodlands home

You don’t want to alarm the kids, so skip the ski mask. But, you should think like a criminal when performing a home security assessment. Start on the outside of your home and check when the sun’s out and after dark. Besides, the bulk of intrusions happen during the day when people aren’t at home. Here are a few tips:

  • Inspect vulnerable access spots. Are your window and door locks working and not easy to get past? Do you have rotting wood or other issues? Aged and cheaper construction materials could prove to be a concern. Give your entryways a thorough examination, and consider protecting with door and window sensors.
  • Appraise your landscape. What is the status of your landscaping? Do you see untrimmed greenery standing in the way of windows? You should have an unobstructed sightline of your yard and don’t want to provide hiding places for prowlers accidentally.
  • Inspect your lighting. Well-lit yards aren’t ideal for thieves. How much of your yard is visible? Do you see shadowy areas? Inspect for flickering or burned-out lights and contemplate installing motion-activated ones around entry points and additional decorative lights near trees or pathways. Boost interest and safety while casting light on all levels of your landscape.
  • Consider surveillance. Do you have surveillance devices? If you do, how are they situated? Are they operational with clear lenses? Is it time for better tools? Some options have incorporated deterrence features and connect seamlessly with your other security devices.

Check your in-home defense

If you already have access point sensors, make sure they are securely attached and functional. What other tools do you have in place? Consider adding indoor cameras, motion detectors, and glass break sensors for another line of protection. It’s also a perfect time to test smoke and carbon dioxide detectors and switch batteries if needed. Be sure you put these safety gadgets on every level.

Take advantage of a modern smart home in The Woodlands

If your home’s defense needs some help, now is the right time to upgrade to a modern smart home. Opt for a fully unified system that warns you and your monitoring specialists when a sensor is triggered. Even if you’re not there, you are able to check sensors, view camera streams, and manage devices from a smartphone security app. You can even set interior lights to turn on when motion detectors or cameras detect activity. There are numerous ways to boost your security and convenience.

Improve your home security in The Woodlands with Vivint

If you want to make improvements after performing a home security assessment in The Woodlands, talk to the smart home pros at Vivint. We’ll help you customize a modern security system to shield your loved ones from common threats. Dial (346) 787-2806 to see how we can help!